THREE: A SIX EP SAMPLER out on Noisetrade

L-R: Peter Anderson, Trevor Lettman, Jared Hedberg


Glowing review on Noisetrade

"Minneapolis, MN’s Highchair Kings embodies the melody-meets-garage spirit of its hometown heroes The Replacements... on Three, a trio of songs from their forthcoming Six EP. The incendiary guitar tones of opening track “Crush Gravel” will transport you to the late 80s, early 90s college rock/alternative scene where the genre’s pre-commercialized atmosphere celebrated bands who colored outside the lines. “Suckers of the World” and “Never Alone” follow in kind, showcasing a more relaxed side of Highchair Kings that still wonderfully highlights their enchanting mix of melancholy melodies and alt-rock riffs."

5/5 rating from Review Rhino

"Now here is a band that is onto something! Good solid American Rock executed without the need to try and be too cool, or too fancy. This six track EP is superb and there are six reasons why. Their capabilities, attention to detail, lyrical ability can’t be questioned."



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